• Print on demand
    Digital printing allows you to print the quantity you want when it is needed. This can help you in reducing the need of inventory and thus saving the space for storage which will result in cost saving.
  • Personalized design is now possible with digital printing
    Digital printing allows you to print orders with customized and personalized graphics .We have the technology to output the database and actualize the printing of text, QR
    code or barcode.
  • Save time,save labour,save cost
    Digital printing allows no plate printing. This will save the fixed cost of production while saving time to wait for the plate to start production.
    There is no ink mixing like traditional machines, which can help to keep printing quality consistent whilst reducing waste.
  • Higher flexibility, increase your range of product
    Digital printing enables users to accept last minute orders and thus increases flexibility to cope with changing market demands. Short and medium runs can now become cost-effective runs.
  • Short changeover time,zero set up and simple operation
    With a user friendly program and memory function, the changeover time is reduced to 1-2 minutes? It is not necessary to setup the machine again to run a repeated job. All these advantages contribute to higher productivity;